Downtown Etobicoke Creek Revitalization Studies

Downtown Etobicoke Creek Revitalization is a key City initiative contributing to the redevelopment of the area.  Its goal is to provide long term solutions for the flood issues while at the same time creating new public space and amenities, bringing new development opportunities, creating an attraction for the downtown, enhancing its character and strengthening its identity.

Feasibility Studies

As part of the comprehensive to implement and develop the updated  Downtown Brampton Special Policy Area Policies (approved by the Province in 2014), Feasibility Studies have been initiated by the City of Brampton and Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA).  Two main initiatives commenced in 2012: a Flood Mitigation Feasibility Study led by TRCA and an Urban Design and Land Use Study led by the City of Brampton.
In April 2013, a preliminary status summary was presented to Committee of Council.
On May 29, 2013, a comprehensive report and a presentation were tabled and approved by the Committee of Council.  The Report summarized the status of the Feasibility Studies including possible flood mitigation solutions and preliminary urban design concepts for integration of possible flood mitigation measures with redevelopment and placemaking as well as case studies and precedents images.
On June 11, 2014, a Report was presented and approved by the Committee of Council.  The Report summarized the findings of the Flood Mitigation Feasibility Study component with the concept of a series of measures including a proposed Flood Protection Landform, reconfiguration of the channel and some of the bridges.  The report included measures to integrate flood protection infrastructure and ensure their integration within the land use and urban design vision and concepts.

The Urban Design and Land Use Study includes a Vision and a Master Urban Design Plan for the area, provisions for high quality, significant urban public spaces, an expanded and revamped Rosalea Park, a riverwalk and river promenade, a proposed pilot project walkaway, development opportunities, environmental improvements, wayfinding and public art.  Under the banner “The City Faces the River/The City Rediscovers the River”, this vision identified and visualized opportunities for one of the catalyst projects for downtown revitalization, a major attraction for the downtown, for redevelopment while at the same time resolving river issues.
The Report is available here.  The associated presentation is available here
Work continues with the Phase 2 of the Feasibility Studies leading towards a future Environmental Assessment (EA) for the flood mitigation measures.
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