Mature Neighbourhood Area - Zoning

​On September 10, 2014, City Council introduced additional standards to ensure that proposed residential additions and replacement dwellings within older mature neighbourhoods are compatible with the existing character of the surrounding area.
The Mature Neighbourhood Area (as defined in the Zoning By-law) includes any property within the boundaries shown in the map below. The requirements and restriction of the Mature Neighbourhoods section of the Zoning By-law apply to any single detached lot within this area.
In addition, Site Plan approval is required prior to making an application for building permit for any residential addition, replacement dwelling or new home with a floor area of 50 square metres or greater or involving a detached garage (of any size).
The following Zoning By-law requirements will apply to your proposal (in addition to any site specific requirements set out in the underlying zone):
  • Minimum Rear Yard Depth – equal to 25% of the depth of the lot or the minimum rear yard required by the zone of the lot, whichever is greater 
  • Minimum Interior Side Yard Width:
  1. 1.2 metres setback for the first storey plus 0.6 metres  setback for each additional storey if your lot has a width of 16 metres  or less
  2. 1.8 metres  setback  if your lot has a width between 16 metres  and 21 metres
  3. 2.8 metres  setback if your lot has a width between 21 metres  and 30 metres
  4. 3.0 metres  setback for lots having a width of 30 metres or greater
  • Maximum Lot Coverage:  30% of the lot area, excluding permitted accessory structures
  • Maximum Building Height:  8.5 metres
For more information about the Mature Neighbourhood Area and how it may impact your proposed home improvement, click here or contact Zoning Services at to confirm whether the Mature Neighbourhood provisions apply to your property.