Surveys and Mapping

The City's Surveys and Mapping section maintains and administers the horizontal and vertical control networks throughout Brampton, which consist of a series of monuments that pinpoint exact coordinates and elevations.

  • A horizontal control monument is a brass plaque embedded into a concrete cylinder that sits flush with the ground. The City of Brampton supports the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83) as its standard horizontal georeferencing system.

  • A vertical control monument, also referred to as a “benchmark,” is a brass plaque that is often located on private property. Benchmarks throughout Brampton are referenced to the 1978 Southern Ontario Vertical Datum and provide elevations that are accurate to the second order.

Surveying and Mapping staff also collect the field information required to produce engineering designs, surveys, and maps, in addition to performing construction layouts, quantity measurements and quality control checks of work carried out by the City and outside contractors. 



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