Stormwater, also called runoff, is the rain and melted snow flowing from our properties onto our streets and into a stormwater system​ that includes more than 1400 kilometres of storm sewer pipes and 180 stormwater ponds.​ 

Brampton is growing. As more people move here and businesses continue to grow, and as we see more frequent and intense storms due to the effects of climate change, the amount of runoff from roofs and parking lots is increasing.

If left uncontrolled, the runoff can cause flooding, erosion, environmental damage and impact public safety. It can also carry harmful materials that pollute local rivers and creeks in Brampton.​

Brampton has an extensive stormwater drainage system that works to protect you, your home and the environment from the impacts of stormwater runoff. The City has implemented a stormwater charge​ to support the continuing investment in our stormwater drainage system

The stormwater charge also rebalances how stormwater is paid for – the more stormwater your property produces, the more you pay, and it shifts those costs that were previously subsidised over to the non-residential side.​

Each year the stormwater charge brings in approximately $22 million to the City of Brampton which is used as follows:


New Stormwater Charge on Water Bills

Starting August 2020, Brampton residents and businesses will see a new Stormwater Charge on their water bills. For more information see the flyers sent to all property owners with their Region of Peel water bills in May and in July.