Stormwater Asset Management


The Stormwater Asset Management Plan (AMP) provides a framework for prioritizing and optimizing stormwater asset management efforts in Brampton. The Stormwater AMP helps allocate resources to meet prescribed goals, objectives, and service levels at the City of Brampton. The City’s Stormwater AMP helps:

  1. Reduce and streamline long-term costs to keep the stormwater drainage system working. 
  2. Provide financial transparency to stormwater charge payers for major capital costs.
  3. Reduce stormwater drainage system failures in the future. 
  4. Identify opportunities for regular maintenance to reduce the costs of retrofits. 
  5. Monitor funds spent on stormwater infrastructure previously to predict future costs. 



The Province of Ontario’s O.Reg. 588/17: Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure requires that all municipalities develop comprehensive Asset Management Plans for core assets. The Stormwater Asset Management Plan (AMP) was developed to meet O.Reg​ 588/17’s requirements. The City of Brampton Council approved the Stormwater AMP on June 8, 2022, which allows the City to meet this regulatory requirement for stormwater assets.