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Ready for some fun? Well you’ve come to the right city! Play a challenging game of chess at our outdoor chess park or go out and catch the latest movie releases. There is so much to choose from - only in Brampton!

Movie Theatres

Take in a movie at one of Brampton's two Cineplex Theatres (

Cineplex Odeon Orion Gate

20 Biscayne Cres.
Map ID: 18

Silvercity Brampton

50 Great Lakes Dr.
Map ID: 67


Chess Park

The Vivian Lane Chess Park, located in downtown Brampton, is a wonderful way for chess enthusiasts to enjoy the outdoors, meet new friends and test their skills.


Main St. N. beside the Beaux-Arts Brampton gallery.


Map ID: 79


Laser Quest

241 Clarence St.


Map ID: 45


A fast paced game for ages 5 to 85.  A high-tech combination of tag and hide and seek played in a large, multi-level arena with specialty lighting, fog and music.  Group packages are available.


Horseback Riding

Claireville Ranch

Claireville Conservation Rd.

Map ID: 20


Creditview Stables

(English Riding Only)

7734 Creditview Rd.

Map ID: 26