Emergency Kits

We recommend you prepare emergency kits well before an emergency happens. The following resources will help you prepare:

Emergency Plans

Event Safety Plan


The City of Brampton offers Event Safety Plan forms to help you plan your events and account for safety. Contact us to obtain a copy and discuss its use.

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning is a process aimed at minimizing the impact of disruptions to normal business and allowing the service to return to an acceptable level of operation. Learn more here.

Teachers & Students

For teachers who want help in preparing classes incorporating some of the principles of emergency management or for kids who want to learn more:

Lighthouse Resource Directory

​During times of community-wide emergencies such as cold alerts and heat warnings in Brampton, you can contact the organizations within this Resource Directory to see if their facilities are temporarily being used as Warming and/or Cooling Centres. They may also offer various services that may help in times of uncertainty.