Emergency Management Program

The Ontario Regulation 380/04 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act provides a number of compliant requirements that all municipalities must meet.
The Brampton Emergency Management Office (BEMO) is responsible for ensuring that the City of Brampton is in compliance with all municipal emergency management program requirements. The City of Brampton meets and exceeds all the stated requirements:
1. Appointment of a Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC): Every municipality is required to designate a CEMC who is also required to complete certain training.
2. Emergency Management Program Committee (EMPC): Every Municipality is required to have an EMPC – to assist in the development and advise the Municipal Council.
3. Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA): All municipalities must identify and assess the hazards and risks to their municipality.
4. Critical Infrastructure (CI): Every municipality is required to identify facilities and other infrastructure that is at risk of being impacted by emergencies.
5. Municipal Emergency Plan: Municipalities are required to develop an Emergency Plan governing the provision of necessary services during an emergency, as well detailing the procedures that are to be followed by the people who will respond to the emergency.
6. Emergency Operations Centre (EOC): Every municipality in Ontario is required to establish an EOC to be used by the MECG during emergencies.
7. Municipal Emergency Control Group (MECG): Every municipality is required to have a MECG that is responsible for directing the municipal response during an emergency, including the implementation of the municipal emergency plan.
8. Emergency Information Officer (EIO): Every municipality must designate an employee of the municipality as its EIO, who acts as the primary media and public contact for the municipality in an emergency.
9. Public Education: Increase awareness among the residents of the municipality about both the specific hazards that are present in the municipality, as well as about emergency preparedness in general.
10. Emergency Management Program Annual Review: Conduct an annual review of the municipality’s emergency management program (training & exercises).
11. Emergency Management Program By-law: Every municipality is required to adopt their municipal emergency management program through a by-law.