Emergency Preparedness Workshops

We can present the topic of emergency preparedness to fit your particular group and the audience that we will be addressing.  These workshops enable Brampton residents to face emergencies with the confidence that is gained from increased knowledge and practical preparedness techniques. The focus is on preparing your family, your home, or your business. 

Please consider inviting us to speak at your next meeting. 

CERV Certification

The seven-week course is offered each Spring and Fall by City of Brampton staff to anyone over 18 years of age working or living in the City, free of charge. Participants receive CERV certification with the successful completion of the training sessions and other time commitment -- one evening per week over eight weeks, attend a minimum of 2 general meetings, and volunteer at a minimum of 4 events for the year. 

Participants learn about the coordination and communication aspect of emergency preparedness. They will also learn about personal and family preparedness. The training covers the following:

Annual Conference

If you are interested in attending a conference on emergency management, consider the World Conference on Disaster Management, hosted by Toronto each year. You'll find the latest conference information is available under Other Resources.