School Zone Parking Regulations

City of Brampton By-law Enforcement Officers are your partners in safety. Officers are assigned to schools at the request of neighbours, school administration, and parent councils. Safety is their number one priority.


The officer’s job is to ensure that parking and traffic regulations are followed, which improves everyone’s safety. Please show the By-law Enforcement Officers the same respect that you would any officer of the law. They are there to help.


Download the School Safety Brochure.

Encourage your child to be active and walk or ride their bike to school. If you must drive, be mindful of:

No Stopping Zones

There are signs and curbs with yellow markings that indicate no stopping. Do not stop in a “No Stopping Zone” for any reason. Stopping can reduce the visibility of other drivers and pedestrians and increase the likelihood of an accident.


No Parking Zones

You can stop briefly to drop off or pick up passengers in these zones, but waiting in a vehicle or leaving your vehicle unattended is not allowed. Parking in a “No Parking Zone” can also contribute to traffic congestion and collisions, and reduce the visibility of drivers and pedestrians.


Fire Routes

Fire routes are allocated to help Fire and Emergency Crews access buildings quickly in the event of an emergency. Blocking these routes, even to drop off or pick up students, can be very dangerous for everyone. You will receive a $100 fine if you misuse a fire route.


Kiss and Ride

These areas have been designed to make pick-up and drop-off at school as quick and efficient as possible. Please do not park or leave vehicle unattended in a Kiss and Ride area. Please do your part to ease congestion and keep traffic moving in the mornings and afternoons.


Accessible Parking Spaces

You must have special permission to use these parking spaces as they are for the benefit of people with a disability. Using the space without a permit can result in a $300 fine.