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Brampton now provides greater real-time access to city information and services through the Pingstreet App. Review the details below to see how you can conveniently request a Parking Consideration, Report a Problem, get up-to-date contact information and learn about upcoming events or road closures, all from your smart phone.

Available Categories

Parking Consideration Icon

Parking Consideration: Use Parking Consideration when you need to park your car or recreational vehicle on the street for an extended period, overnight or when you have visitors.

Report a Problem Icon

Report a Problem: Pingstreet gives you the option to conveniently report issues (for example: reporting a Bylaw infraction or the need to fix a pothole, etc.) that you may encounter when you are out and about in Brampton.

Events Icon

Events: Find out about current and upcoming events happening in Brampton.

Government Icon

Government: Learn all about your local government with this listing of your government officials and their contact information, including the Mayor, City Councillor, Regional Councillor, MPP and MP.

Contact Us

Contact Us: Get up-to-date contact information (address, telephone and social media) and links to access your City.

Road Closures Icon

Road Closures: Get details on closures or lane restrictions due to construction work by the City of Brampton.