Queen Street East Community Planning Permit System By-law

Developing Brampton’s Grand Urban Streetscape!

Establishing the Central Queen Street East Corridor, providing comfortable, sustainable living, is a goal of the Brampton 2040 Vision.

The Community Planning Permit System (CPPS) By-Law will ENERGIZE developer and consumer interest. Its implementation within Brampton’s Central Area would make it the first ‘Urban Growth Area’ in Ontario to use this tool to guide long-term development.

Term of Council Priorities put people at the heart of everything we do. The implementation of such a by-law will accelerate moving these priorities forward and set the ground work to create interesting liveable places. The goal is to promote a well planned, environmentally responsible community that includes walkability and transit connectivity.

A Preliminary Precinct Plan for the Queen Street East Corridor that provides high-level planning and design principles for guiding change in Brampton’s Central Area was endorsed by Council in January 2020. A number of technical studies are now required to be completed to provide recommendations related to the transportation network, public realm, sustainability, parks and open space and municipal infrastructure. When combined, the study recommendations and the Precinct Plan will provide a comprehensive and integrated roadmap to guide public and private investment and development in the Central Area and will also support City staff with the preparation and implementation of an effective and successful Community Planning Permit System (CPPS) By-law.


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Michelle Gervais, Policy Planner,
Planning and Development Services