Council Code of Conduct

​Rule No. 17

Employment of Council Relatives/Family Members


        1.   No member shall attempt to influence the outcome, or to influence any City employee to

              hire or promote a member of a Councillor’s family.

        2.   No member shall make any decision or participate in the process to hire, transfer, promote,

              demote, discipline or terminate any member of his or her family.

        3.   No member shall supervise a family member, or be placed in a position of influence over a

              family member.

        4.   No member shall attempt to use a family relationship for his or her personal benefit or


        5.   Every member shall adhere to the City’s nepotism policy.


If a family member of a Councillor is an applicant for employment with the City or candidate for promotion or transfer, the family member will proceed through the usual selection process pursuant to the City’s hiring policies, with no special consideration.