Council Code of Conduct

​Rule No. 16

Conduct Respecting Staff


       1.   No member shall compel staff to engage in partisan political activities or be subjected to

            threats or discrimination for refusing to engage in such activities.

       2.   No member shall use, or attempt to use, their authority for the purpose of intimidating, 

             threatening, coercing, commanding, or influencing any staff member with the intent of

             interfering in staff’s duties, including the duty to disclose improper activity.

       3.   Members shall be respectful of the role of staff to advise based on political neutrality and

             objectivity and without undue influence from any individual member or faction of the


       4.   No member shall maliciously or falsely impugn or injure the professional or ethical

             reputation or the prospects or practice of staff and all members shall show respect for the 

             professional capacities of the staff of the City.


Members of Council should expect a high quality of advice from staff based on political neutrality and objectivity irrespective of party politics, the loyalties of persons in power, or their personal opinions.
Members of Council must recognize that only Council as a whole has the capacity to direct staff members to carry out specific tasks or functions as provided in the Municipal Act. The Administration, under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer, serves the Council as a whole, and the combined interests of all members as expressed through the resolutions of Council.  An individual member should not request staff to undertake extensive work or prepare lengthy reports, other than pursuant to a Council direction.
It is inappropriate for a member to attempt to influence staff to circumvent normal processes in a matter, or overlook deficiencies in a file or application. It is also inappropriate for members to involve themselves in matters of administration or departmental management which fall within the jurisdiction of the Chief Administrative Officer. Any such attempts should be reported to the Integrity Commissioner.