Mayor Patrick Brown’s Making Black History Awards

Black History Month is an important way to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Black Canadians as part of the cultural mosaic of our community. Black History Month reflects on the past, present and future contributions and experiences of people across the diaspora. 

Each year, the Office of Mayor Patrick Brown recognizes and celebrates outstanding black citizens in our community who have achieved milestones in the past year, in the following categories: 

Legacy Award

Recognizes elders that have given back to the community and helped build the legacy of the Black community in Brampton. 

Youth Empowerment

Recognizes Black Brampton youth who have demonstrated all-around community involvement. This award is given to an individual who build communities and show what can be achieved with passion and determination. 

Advocacy in Action

Recognizes a Black individual who has advocated for the community and championed equality, equity and the advancement of the Black community. 

The Selection Committee will each situation and its merit. A community advocate is an individual that has a vested interest in the advancement of a community. Impact is defined as, but not limited to: 

  1. The development, redevelopment or economic advancement of an area or group of people. 
  2. Willingness to provide leadership in community meetings, neighborhood planning activities as well as religious and social activities. 

Social Impact Award

Recognizes a Black volunteer who has demonstrated all-around community involvement, inspires unity and builds Brampton’s diverse mosaic. 

The Selection Committee will evaluate each situation on its own merit. An act of social impact is defined as, but not limited to: 

  1. An act integrating disenfranchised peoples; 
  2. Founding a charitable organization, while not receiving remuneration of any kind; 
  3. Rendering significant support or assistance to an individual or group in need; or 
  4. An individual or group who has performed an exceptional humanitarian act that inspires good will in others.

Innovation Award

Recognizes an individual that has demonstrated the highest ability to build Brampton’s identity through innovation in business, culture, sports or community. 

The Selection Committee will evaluate each situation on its own merit. An act of innovation is defined as, but not limited to: 

  1. Products produced and sold 
  2. Services that exceed customer expectations 
  3. Processes that are continuously improved and used widely 
  4. Open and working beyond boundaries and collaborating globally 
  5. Creating unique value that eliminates the cost to compete 

Eligibility for all Nominees

  • Must be a resident of the City of Brampton 
  • Cannot be an elected official, a resident planning to run for municipal/regional council, or be staff of the City of Brampton 
  • Must be a current and active volunteer in the community 
  • Must present a positive image of the City of Brampton, can be viewed as a role model who consistently demonstrates responsible behaviour 

A Selection Committee comprised of community members with subject matter expertise in award categories, along with elected City Officials, and previous recipients are consulted to review all nominations. The nomination window for the 2020 Making Black History Awards is open until February 17 2021. Late nominations and self-nominations unfortunately, will not be considered. 

Awards will be presented as part of Black History Month celebrations online - details will be posted - check back often.