2019 Access Requests


 Access Requests

Summary of Access Request
A copy of the complaint and subsequent investigation originating from the complaints made by [named individual] via call center using phone number [xxx-xxx-xxxx], pertaining to Brampton Transit Services in the last 5 years (2014-2019).
File 19.001
A copy of records, in aggregate format from January, 2010 to January, 2019, of non-union employees who have retired with either dental, health and/or vision benefits package, paid for by the City of Brampton, prior to their 10 year requirement
File 19.002
A copy of Order to Comply: 17-000378 and the subsequent investigation relating to a side entrance at 66 Golden Springs Drive, Brampton.
File 19.003
A copy of all records of complaints and investigations that pertain to 14 Newbridge Cres, Brampton re: i)Enforcement and By-Law Services; and, ii)Building Division.
File 19.004
A copy of all records pertaining to the basement apartment at 42 Thatcher Court. Brampton, including complaints, work orders, orders to comply, investigation reports and notes.
File 19.005
A copy of all records pertaining to the illegal basement apartment at 41 Bellflower Lane, Brampton, including complaints, work orders, orders to comply, investigation reports, witness statements and notes.
File 19.006
A copy of all records (including inspection notes and pictures) from i)Enforcement and By-Law Services; and ii)Fire and Emergency Services that pertain to 101 Seahorse Ave, Brampton for the period of September 2018 to present. 
File 19.007
A copy of the complaint, notice of compliance, and any notes pertaining to driveway width at 7 Worth Avenue, Brampton.
File 19.008
A copy of CCTV video showing a collision involving a black SUV Nissan Rogue and a white Honda Civic at the intersection of Torbram and Central Park on Jan 27, 2019.
File 19.009
A copy of records re RFP #2018-052 Planning & Development Application Processing system re: i)all responses to the RFP received from vendors; ii)the score cards/other evaluation notes from the selection process; iii)the contract with the selected vendor.
File 19.010
A copy of all complaints pertaining 20 Lawnview Court, Brampton from January 2011 to present.
File 19.011
A copy of all records pertaining to Roadway Winter Maintenance Records: i)Guidelines for salt application rates & accumulation thresholds for plowing; and ii)Route maps for all roadway salt & plow routes for Sandalwood & Williams Yard operations.
File 19.012
A copy of CCTV video showing a collision involving a white Dodge Journey and a brown Toyota Highlander. The incident took place at Earnscliffe Recreation Center on January 12, 2019 between 10:30 am and 10:45 am.
File 19.013
A copy of the winning proposal for City of Brampton Request for Proposal #RFP2017-002 "Lease of Election Tabulation System and Electronic Voting System for an Eighteen (18) Month Period for the City of Brampton". The Closing Date was April 13, 2017.
File 19.014
A copy of the following Building records (excl. drawings, sign permits & building permit application) re 60 Biscayne Cres, while occupied by Paramount Fine Foods: i)Building Permit; ii) Building Inspections/ Inspection Reports; iii) The Occupancy Permit.
File 19.015
A copy of the occurrence #: 1016691 and subsequent investigation, including officers notes, pertaining 6 Albemarle Court, Brampton.
File 19.016
A list of calls made to 311 pertaining to the property at 8500 Torbram Road, Unit 61, Brampton, for the time period from January 1, 2015 to February 7, 2019.
File 19.017
A copy of complaints and/or investigations related to 67 Blue Whale Blvd, Brampton, ON.
File 19.018
A copy of the daily calendar/schedule for Mayor Patrick Brown from December 4, 2018 to present.
File 19.019
A copy of CCTV camera footage (possibly traffic camera) from March 8, 2018, between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm at the intersection of Bovaird Drive and Bramalea Road.
File 19.020
A copy of the proposal submitted by Avocette Technologies Incorporated in response to RFP2018-052, including the evaluation matrix.
File 19.021
A copy of all Building and Property Standards records related to permits, complaints, and investigations (including all communications related to the basement unit) for 20 Nautical Dr. Brampton.
File 19.022
A copy of all records associated with Animal Services file A19-198893. The request specifically includes any witness impact statements, owner statements, investigative notes and photographs.
File 19.023
A copy of all Brampton Fire and Emergency Services records related to 139 Elizabeth Street South, Brampton.
File 19.024
A copy of the security camera footage at ZUM station stops at the intersection of Airport Road and Cottrelle Boulevard for the period from 17:00 to 18:00 on February 17, 2109.
File 19.025
A copy of CCTV video filmed on March 7, 2019, between 4:30 pm and 5:40 pm on the north side of the Century Gardens Recreation Center Parking Lot showing a dark grey/silver Honda Civic, license plate [specified plate number].
File 19.026
A copy of all records pertaining to the complaint and investigation of an illegal basement apartment at 18 Denison Avenue, Brampton.
File 19.027
A copy of records pertaining to the vital services complaint and investigation (no heat) at 58 Hinchley Wood Grove (file #1098015).
File 19.028
A copy of the survey of the property at 60 Callandar Road, Brampton.
File 19.029
A copy of all property standards complaints pertaining to 10 Edenborough Drive, Brampton, for the period from January 1, 2010 to March 12, 2019.
File 19.030
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