Brampton Entrepreneur Centre

Business Connections

Located in a spacious storefront co-working space designed to fuel creativity and productivity, BEC hosts frequent seminars and offers business plan reviews and consultations with advisors at no cost to local entrepreneurs and innovators.


In 2021, The Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC):

  • managed over 10,000 inquiries
  • consulted and advised close to 1,000 entrepreneurs
  • reached out to more than 5,000 businesses through our network partners to make them aware of the support available to them through BEC
  • delivered 175 seminars, webinars and events to nearly 5,000 participants

Over the last 6 years, BEC has:

  • Created 1,837 new jobs
  • Supported 1,218 small businesses get started
  • Handled and resolved 53,629 inquiries
  • Conducted 5,259 small business consultations
  • Delivered 1,026 seminars and events to 40,000 participants
  • Issued Summer Company Grant funding to102 Youth totalling $306,000
  • Issued Starter Company Grant funding to 175 businesses totalling $803,000