Playback 311

​The City of Brampton is pleased to announce the following artists will be featured on Playback 311 for the season.

Playback 311 is a new initiative that brings Brampton music to the forefront of the 311 phone system.

311 is a simple, three-digit phone number residents, visitors and businesses can use to get information about City of Brampton services or programs, or make a request for service.

People who call 311 are occasionally placed on hold and as part of the Playback 311 program callers will hear recorded music from local artists while they're waiting to speak to a customer service associate.

Playback 311 was curated by Brampton's first record label SounDrive Records​.



Daysdeaf is a Brampton-based music artist who explores composition through organic and electronic mediums. Having delved into a multitude of genres with previous releases, he ventures for versatility in his work, and originality in his sound.

Don Ablett


Don has had a love affair with the acoustic guitar since he was a teenager. After learning fingerstyle blues from Thom (Champagne Charlie) Roberts, he turned to ragtime and songwriting. John Fahey, Bruce Cockburn and Eric Clapton are included in his influences. With his playing partner, Brent Cooper, he has thrilled audiences for many years, particularly in Southern Ontario. They perform a unique blend of fingerstyle guitar at bars, festivals and house concerts. They were recipients of the Brampton Arts Council “Bravo” Award for Best Duo or Small Ensemble. They are heading back into the studio in the Fall of 2018 to record their new and recent material.



Neil is an indie/alternative producer, composer, and singer-songwriter from Canada. When Neil was 10 years old, he had saved up his first $100 that he was ready to spend on toys at his local superstore. As he was ready to indulge, his father suggested that he ought to buy something that is immaterially priceless, over something of a day’s use. It was in that moment that his eyes became locked with beauty. He had become fixated upon a baby Yamaha acoustic guitar, that was conveniently priced at $100. When he reached his senior year in high school, it became time to find his vocation. Upon some self-reflection, he began to realize that the thing that seemed to matter most in his life was music. Thus, Neil’s journey into becoming a successful music producer, composer and singer-songwriter officially began.

Staasia Daniels


Staasia Daniels is a singer, songwriter, and turtle-lover from the talented city of Brampton. Music (and food) has always been a passion of hers. She began her journey with highly-recognized YouTube covers that soon turned into a realization of her calling, so she decided to pursue it seriously and attended college for an Independent Music Study program. Here that she met another multi-talented artist by the name of Xpress, aka DJXP, who is now her GSX label-mate and frequent producer. Following the successful release of her debut EP “Hidden Gems”, she’s landed in various publications including NOW Magazine and Complex CA, which named her as one of the year’s “Artists You Need To Know”. After teasing with “the 1 + 2 ep” in 2017, Staasia Daniels releases her second major EP “Mood Roulette” to kick off 2018 with an array of emotions in love, lust, and other regrets. She is currently working on her next major EP, which will be out later this year.


Tam is a Pop/R&B/Soul artist, producer and DJ, from Brampton, Ontario. A storyteller at heart, his lyrics have a way of capturing the imagination and of articulating deep emotions and feelings that are sometimes hard to express. His voice is dynamic, with a gentle intensity that commands your attention. In 2011 he independently released his debut EP, "Pieces of L.A." His first single "Kings" received local and international airplay on college and independent radio stations. In 2013, Tam adopted the stage name "Damian Yonge" and released his 2nd EP entitled "Southbound". Currently, Tam is focused on blending his organic, soulful vibes with the power of dance music and DJing. His vision is to make music that helps people heal, release, celebrate and most importantly, feel alive. He is currently working on his highly anticipated upcoming EP “Alchemy” set to be released 2018-2019.